[U-Boot-Users] Little endian

Ed Okerson eokerson at texasconnect.net
Wed Nov 26 18:42:30 CET 2003

How much testing has been done on little-endian mode of u-boot?  Does
everyone pretty much just use big-endian, or is there a mix?  I am working
on getting the Compact Flash to work properly on the Au1500, and I know
there is some weirdness with this particular chip, but I just wondered if
anyone else has similar problems in little-endian mode.  I noticed that
there was special handling done in common/cmd_ide.c for input_swap_data(),
but not for input_data().  It would seem to me that if one of them was
in the wrong endian mode, the other other would be as well, or did I miss
the point?  Same thing for input_data_short()?  And if they bytes need to
be swapped in the input routines, don't they need to be swapped on the
output routines as well?  Does all of this only need to be done for the
AU1X00 series processors?

Ed Okerson

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