[U-Boot-Users] Ramdisk for MPC8xx

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Oct 10 15:06:36 CEST 2003

In message <20031010123810.34997.qmail at web40401.mail.yahoo.com> you wrote:
> > Check CFG_BOOTMAPSZ and the "initrd_high"
> > environment  variable.  You
> > may even try and use "initrd_high=0xFFFFFFFF".
> I have it as,
> #define CFG_BOOTMAPSZ    ( 8 << 20 )    /* Initial
> Memory map for Linux */

Well, did you read the README ?

> > Note that this might require cooperation by  the 
> > Linux  kernel  (for
> > example  so  that it does not attempt to free pages
> > which are in fact
> > in flash memory). In our versions  of  the  Linux 
> > kernel  tree  this
> > should be working fine.
> I have linux-2.4.22 from www.ppckernel.org, is there
> any kernel configuration I need to add ?

AFAIK this code never made it into the public Linux kernel tres.

> I got one prebuilt ramdisk from ftp.denx.du
> "sime-ramdisk.PPCBoot" and this worked fine. But it
> dosent have any utilities that I would like to use.

This is why I recommended our SELF bassed ramdisk image.

> I am also trying to use busybox-0.60.5 but when I
> build a ramdisk out of that the kernel dosent
> recognise that.

Seems you must be doing something wrong, then.

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