[U-Boot-Users] Uncompressing kernel ..... OK (Hangs here)

Yuli Barcohen yuli at arabellasw.com
Wed Sep 10 20:19:02 CEST 2003

>>>>> James Bates writes:

    James> Hi All,

    James> I have now managed to get the image to be read in and kernel
    James> image uncompressed etc. I am getting the problem where it
    James> hangs after Uncompression though. My previous issue with Bad
    James> Magic Number errors was due to the compilation of the mkimage
    James> tool. It was producing images with the wrong endianness in
    James> the header. Not sure if this may still be my problem tho :)

    James> I have tried both settings of clocks_in_mhz and have made
    James> sure that I copied u-boot.h from uboot to ppcboot.h in
    James> Linux. I have made sure that IMAP_ADDR is correct but I still
    James> get the same thing, just hangs after uncompression. I am
    James> totally stumped.

    James> My board is an adaptation of the MPC8260ADS. I am using
    James> BlueCat 4.0 and u-boot 4.8 (tried 4.0 and 4.7) etc and have
    James> tried booting both the uImage and kdi files (after turning
    James> them into u-boot images with mkimgage).

    James> Here is a print out with extra debug info when trying a kdi
    James> image called Q319.img:

[...kdi staff deleted...]

    James> Another example which does not use a kdi image but simply
    James> takes a mkimaged zipped vmlinux file as follows.

You don't show the mkimage command but if you use gzipped vmlinux
(i.e. ELF format) file it's exactly the problem. You have to convert ELF
to raw binary using something like

    powerpc-linux-objcopy -O binary vmlinux vmlinux.bin

Then you gzip vmlinux.bin and use it as input to mkimage, just as it's
explained in the README.

[...Debug print deleted...]

    James> Any ideas anyone? You help is much appreciated.

BTW, note that flash size looks incorrect. Also make sure that 66MHz is
66.666 as it appears in your log and not 66.000. It's not connected to
the boot problem but may cause different problems.

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