[U-Boot-Users] Re: Patches for U-Boot

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Sat Sep 13 20:58:11 CEST 2003

In message <3F62CC58.8060604 at elsoft.ch> you wrote:
> The attached patch fixes the following issues:
> Makefile:		add $(CC) to "-print-libgcc-filename" so 					compiler gets
> correct libgcc file

Description and patch disagree. In the patch,  you  add  not  "$(CC)"
[which is already there - obviously], but "$(CFLAGS)".

What makes you think that options like "-Wall" or "-Wstrict-prototypes"
would change the behaviour of "-print-libgcc-filename" ??


> README:			mention VCMA9 board
> board/mpl/vcma9/*	various changes to VCMA9 board specific files


> common/cmd_nand.c	prepare S3C2410 support (more to follow)

I think it's a bad idea to ``#include "../board/mpl/vcma9/vcma9.h"''
in a common source file. Either vcma9.h contains definitions valid
and necessary for all S3C24xx boards, then those should be moved
into to common header file; or they include board specific stuff,
and then they should not be needed in common/cmd_nand.c


> drivers/s3c24x0_i2c.c	adjust delay value and some cleanup

Please explain why you think that this modification:

-    i = I2C_TIMEOUT * 1000;
+    i = I2C_TIMEOUT * 10000;
     status = i2c->IICCON;
     while ((i > 0) && !(status & I2CCON_IRPND)) {
-       udelay(1000);
+       udelay(100);
        status = i2c->IICCON;

changes or improves the behaviour. I see no advantages.

Rejected for now. I see no advantages.

Rejected for now.

> rtc/s3c24x0_rtc.c	remove unnecessary enable/disable stuff and 					cleanup

Do you think  the  enable/disable  stuff  hurts?  Left  as  is,  rest

Changes will show up on CVS "soon".

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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