[U-Boot-Users] Uncompressing uImage: inflate() returned -3

Amit Shah shahamit at gmail.com
Mon Aug 23 18:20:45 CEST 2004

Hi Michael,

On Mon, 23 Aug 2004 10:07:44 -0500, Michael Bendzick
<michaelb at logicpd.com> wrote:
> Amit-
> Are you making sure that you don't locate the gzipped kernel in a location
> of board memory that gets overwritten as the U-Boot gunzip takes place?
> For instance...
> If you put the gzipped kernel at 0x10008000 and the kernel load address is
> also 0x10008000, you will obliterate your gzipped data as you unzip to
> 0x10008000.  I have seen this produce the -3 error.  If your gzip data fits
> entirely before 0x10008000, you're safe.  Also, if you calculate how big the
> gunzipped data is, and put the gzipped kernel that far after 0x10008000,
> you'll also be in good shape.

I have 8 MB of RAM (I have more, but have configured u-boot to
recognize just the first 8). Kernel is 2.3 MB (0x244086). I load it at
an offset of 4 MB in the SDRAM space... should be enough for
everything, I assumed. I'll have to check this again.


> -Michael Bendzick
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> Hi,
> I now have u-boot working properly on my single PPC750GX on MV64360;
> it turned out to be SDRAM init issues, which were sorted out by some
> trial and error.
> Okay, so now there are issues when it's loading uImage: The uImage
> built fails on the CRC. This is due to inconsistencies in the byte
> order of vmlinux.gz. When built on i386, it is CRC'ed in little
> endian, while when it's being checked on the board, it gets CRC'ed in
> big endian... so there will definitely be a mismatch in the two CRCs.
> Or I'm overlooking something.
> So while generating the vmlinux.gz, I byteswapped it.. before feeding
> it to mkimage. So the CRCs are matched, and gunzip on the board tries
> to gunzip the image... However, it complains about 'bad gzipped data'.
> Hmm, so setting 'verify' to 'n' also doesn't work; gunzip says
> 'inflate returned -3'.. which is some Z_DATA_ERROR.
> I'm obviously doing something wrong here, since this should've worked...
> I'm right now using an uncompressed image and working with it, that's
> working fine, except the kernel's bombing out after some
> initializations...
> Amit.
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> Amit Shah
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Amit Shah

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