[U-Boot-Users] crosstool for PowerPc 8540

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Dec 2 22:35:42 CET 2004

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Why are you quoting the same text twice?

>    I  did download ELDK and ran install. As the
> dcoment says , by default it installs all the
> supported architectures , and so it did for ppc-8xx,
> ppc-4xx etc.But I didnt see ppc-85xx.

There is no need to make a complete set  of  packages  for  each  and
every family of processors.

> the ppc_85xx target does not exist in . directory
> the following targets are available:
> ppc_4xx
> ppc_4xxFP
> ppc_6xx
> ppc_74xx
> ppc_8xx

Right. And as you may have notived, there are some  symlinks  created
(like ppc_82xx) which pount to the ppc_6xx sub-tree. 

> ppc_85xx is not mentioned .

No, and some other architetures  (like  MPC52xx)  are  not  mentioned
either.  But  the tools in the ppc_6xx packages support all of these.
Just set CROSS_COMPILE=ppc_82xx- and use  the  asppropriate  compiler

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