[U-Boot-Users] u-boot for pxa255

Sharad P. Katti sharad.katti at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 13:51:38 CET 2004


Since I dont have the BDI connection interface,
I cannot debug the kernel, the board is of XSCALE arch,
and has 32MB RAM, and i've given TEXT_BASE as 0xA07E0000,
which is inside the 32MB, and I have put the kernel as uncompressed,
and the XIP patch is already applied for that.(I'm using MVLinux 2.4.20)

I have given the entry point to the kernel as 0x00021000, 
and the load address is 0x00020000, and then wrote the resulting
img to the flash,

options to the mkimage that i have given are,

#mkimage -n "newImg" -A arm -O linux -T kernel\
-C none -e 0x00021000 -a 0x00020000 -d zImage zImage.bin

once I boot from the target, i'm able to see the mesgs that display
the header contents, and it shows the entry point address also.

Since as I mentioned, i dont have the option to connect the BDI,
to my target board, how can i go about this.

best regards,
Sharad P.Katti

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