[U-Boot-Users] Intel StrataFlash 28F128J3 vs. 28F256K3

Craig A. Vanderborgh craigv at voxware.com
Tue Dec 21 07:50:52 CET 2004


I am bringing up u-boot on a new revision of our board and I am having a 
problem with flash.  Both boards have share *exactly* the same 
schematic, with just one difference.  The newer board has 2 Intel 
28F256K3 flash chips in a single bank versus 2 Intel 28F128J3 flash 
chips in a single bank on the older board.

I am inexperienced with this flash stuff, so bear with me.  What I am 
seeing is very strange.  The board comes up, and everything works except 
flash.  u-boot comes up, serial works fine, DRAM works fine.  Flash does 
not work right.  Here is what I am seeing.

1. Using JTAG, I can program the 1st sector of flash successfully.  This 
works and I am using this mechanism to boot the board.
2. Using JTAG or u-boot flash commands, erasing appears to work for all 
sectors > sector 0.  Programming does NOT work.  The low-order bits (for 
bytes 1&2) are programmed correctly.  The high-order bits (for bytes 
3&4) are LOST, and thus every 32-bit word contains "ff" as the 
high-order bytes after programming.

I have made ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that all my PXA register settings are 
correct.  The same flash code (within u-boot) works correctly on the 
older board (with the J3's).  I am very stuck - and I would appreciate 
some help.  I have spent a vast amount of time on this problem and I 
would dearly love any bone that might be tossed from the U-Boot gurus.

Thansk in advance,
craig vanderborgh
voxware incorporated

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