[U-Boot-Users] OMAP1510 Innovator kit booting questions

Grigory A. Ryhor at tut.by
Tue Jan 6 02:16:03 CET 2004

Hello Richard,

WR> In cpu/arm925/interrupts.c.  Remove the hard coded delay loops which are
WR> wrapped with INNOVATOROMAP1510.  This enables the code which will use ARM
WR> timers (which are driven by the 12MHz reference / by a factor in the header
WR> file).  This should provide constant time irrespective to your cpu dpll
WR> speed.  This is what I use in (though not with innovator).

WR> This will fix some problems, and it "might" fix your problem. It will
WR> probably make your boot speed correct, but it still sounds like some clock
WR> is not set properly.  I have a bit more fixed up dpll setup code which I
WR> will get around to sending in sometime.
WR> Regards,
WR> Richard W.

Yes - it is work - now all is correct. I've removed (commented) these
wrapped lines and seconds came to normal duration. What was a reason to put this
delay loops?

Best regards,
 Grigory                            mailto:Ryhor at tut.by

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