[U-Boot-Users] OMAP1510 Innovator kit booting questions

Woodruff, Richard r-woodruff2 at ti.com
Tue Jan 6 03:22:58 CET 2004

Hi Grigory,

When I ported the delay functions to OMAP/925 from the 920 tree there were
(and still are) a few bugs which showed themselves when the Innovator port
was first done.  (I use a different board and didn't run into the bugs until
more recently). The person which worked with the Innovator choose to put in
hard delays instead of taking the time to find the bugs (probably didn't
have time).  At some point I also ran into the bugs and was able to allot
time to fix them and posted a patch.

Now that the bugs are hopefully fixed the old code should be removed.  I
don't have an Innovator handy at the moment to validate and submit a patch
but I think it should be done.

One side note is I also changed the period of the clock in my local
include/configs/xxxx.h file such that it was less likely to overflow in
normal use.  What is there by default is ok, just not optimal.


Richard W.

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Hello Richard,

WR> In cpu/arm925/interrupts.c.  Remove the hard coded delay loops which are
WR> wrapped with INNOVATOROMAP1510.  This enables the code which will use
WR> timers (which are driven by the 12MHz reference / by a factor in the
WR> file).  This should provide constant time irrespective to your cpu dpll
WR> speed.  This is what I use in (though not with innovator).

WR> This will fix some problems, and it "might" fix your problem. It will
WR> probably make your boot speed correct, but it still sounds like some
WR> is not set properly.  I have a bit more fixed up dpll setup code which I
WR> will get around to sending in sometime.
WR> Regards,
WR> Richard W.

Yes - it is work - now all is correct. I've removed (commented) these
wrapped lines and seconds came to normal duration. What was a reason to put
delay loops?

Best regards,
 Grigory                            mailto:Ryhor at tut.by

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