[U-Boot-Users] Unexpected crash in init_baudrate

Jeff Stevens jsteve17 at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 14:16:00 CET 2004

My real CFG_ENV_SIZE is 0x3000, however, I made it 0x4
to force it to go pretty much straight to the default
configurations to see if that would work, but it
didn't.  Doesn't U-Boot first go to where you have
configured it to use for env (in my case NVRAM) and
then if it can't find what it's looking for there it
goes to the defaults?

I'm just trying to get this to boot for the first
time.  After that, I'll worry about getting the env
where I want it.  I just don't understand why it's
crashing.  I haven't altered to code in any way here,
so I assume I'm configuring something wrong, but I'm
not sure what?  What configuration parameters should I
look at in my board_config.h file?

I'll try putting the env in flash for starters, but
eventually I need to put it in NVRAM.  The flash I'm
working with now will eventually be a backup flash,
and there is a bigger flash that will normally be the
boot flash.  So I'd like to have the env separate in
case the user messes up the normal boot flash, they
can still boot normally.  Thanks for the reply!

   Jeff Stevens

--- Wolfgang Denk <wd at denx.de> wrote:
> In message
> <20040107215219.40742.qmail at web41413.mail.yahoo.com>
> you wrote:
> > I am porting U-Boot over to a new product running
> an
> > MPC855T processor, 512KB of flash, 16MB of SDRAM,
> and
> > a 32KB Simtek NVRAM.  I have the board booting up
> to
> > the point where it tries to read the baudrate for
> the
> Remember that at this time  there  is  just  the 
> (small)  stack:  no
> writable data segment, no standard C global data.
> > RS-232 port (init_baudrate).  When it goes into
> the
> > getenv_r function from within init_baudrate, it
> seems
> > to eventually crash before it comes back with an
> > answer.  The system seems to read from the NVRAM
> fine
> > when it boots and runs crc32 on it.  It also
> crashes
> > if I change CFG_ENV_SIZE to 0x4 and force it to
> read
> Ummm... an environment size of 0x4 = 4 Bytes??? Are
> you sure??
> > the default values (env_get_char_init).  Does
> anyone
> > have any ideas as to what can be causing this? 
> I'm
> > going to keep poking around myself, but I just
> wanted
> > to see if anyone else has had a problem like this
> > while porting U-Boot.
> For a start, put  the  environment  in  flash. 
> (It's  probably  more
> reliable anyway as you can configure for redundand
> storage).
> Best regards,
> Wolfgang Denk
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