[U-Boot-Users] BDI2000 vs Vision-ICE

Wells, Charles Charles.Wells at NielsenMedia.com
Thu Jan 8 23:56:45 CET 2004


> People at my place of work are telling me that the
> Vision-Ice supports "backtrace" and the BDI2000 does
> not.

I don't believe visionICE supports what you describe, but visionEVENT
(another WRS/EST product) does.  visionEVENT behaves like a classic "bus
capture" analyzer.  It's no longer a "10-bin BDM port connected device."
visionEVENT is housed in a seperate box that attaches to the bottom of the
visionICE case and requires two 80-pin high-density connectors on your
target for its connection.  Further, visionEVENT imposes some nasty
restrictions on the target (e.g. not being able to run the CPU clock at 2x
bus clock).

We bought the visionICE/visionEVENT stuff a couple of years ago.  I use
visionICE regularly and it works adequately for bringing up new targets and
debugging startup code.  We haven't use visionEVENT much at all.  We've just
never needed its capabilities.  I've never used the BDI2000, but it sounds
like its Linux integration is better than either visionICE or visionEVENT
(although WRS may have improved this since we took delivery of ours).  

BTW, I agree with Wolfgang's earlier point.  What really matters is the
capabilities of the debugger software front-end.  One of these days, I need
to get someone around here to approve the purchase of a BDI2000 and see how
it compares.


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