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Kip Leitner KipL at Orbacom.com
Fri Jan 9 00:43:54 CET 2004

Hello U-Booters-

To debug, as well as observe the operation of U-boot on PQ2FADS (MPC8280), I
have been using for several months -- with fairly good results -- the
in-circuit debugger Trace-32, from Lauterbach, a German company. This JTAG
interface tool allows me to write scripts in their debugger language,
"Practice", which erase the flash memory on the PQ2FADS and iteratively
reprogram it with successive versions of u-boot, so I can see the effects of
adding and removing various u-boot features.

I have also had good success in using this tool (after some initial
configuration headaches) to set breakpoints at high-level code after U-boot
relocates to RAM.  I have briefly experimented with kernel debugging, but we
really aren't at that point yet, still bringing up our custom PPC hardware. 

If anyone else is using Trace-32 ICD (In-Circuit Debugger, note -- not
IC(E)mulator), I would have interest in contacting you offline in order to
discuss some of the finer points of using this tool in the development


Kip Leitner

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