[U-Boot-Users] RTC for MPC5200

Reinhard Meyer r.meyer at emk-elektronik.de
Thu Jan 15 13:58:19 CET 2004

Dear Wolfgang,

> In message <06cc01c3db51$e2f496e0$6d4ba8c0 at alb.sub.de> you wrote:
> > supports only the MPC5200 and nothing else
> MGT5100?

I do not have the 5100 datasheet (and I cannot find any on the
www.mot-sps.com site), nor do I have 5100 hardware to verify.
If you can mail me a 5100 datasheet I am willing to have a look at its RTC
and if similiar enough I will modify the source to accomodate both.
But I cannot test it with a 5100, that would be up to someone else (you?)

> I _had_ to complain because ther eis some tendency to  drop  arbitray
> source  files  to the list with just laconic comments "this is what I
> am using - feel free to try it - it's sink or swim."

I was not trying to go in this tendency, though of course I can only test
new stuff on our own hardware.

> Of course it can. See the documentation in the README (and/or read in
> the diff man page about the "-N" option).

I _am_ using

cvs -z6 -d :pserver:anonymous at cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/u-boot diff -puRN
u-boot >u-boot.patch.txt

but files that are new in my tree do not show up in the patch. A hand made
diff like

diff -puN /dev/null u-boot/rtc/mpc5200.c

does the trick, however.


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