[U-Boot-Users] PQ2FADS i2c -- no SCL

Herb Radford herbr at magma.ca
Wed Jan 21 13:14:58 CET 2004

I've done a recent port of U-Boot 1.0.0 to our MPC866 card and found a 
change was necessary for I2C to do anything (could not get output on SCL or 
In the init code for I2c there was a statement which cleared rpbase to 0. 
The docs for the 866 indicate not to change this field!
I commented it out just on a hunch and I2C works!
Try that, maybe it'll help you.

Regards, Herb

At 04:01 AM 1/21/2004, you wrote:

> >>>>> Scott McNutt writes:
>     Scott> Using u-boot 1.0.1 with PQ2FADS ... we're not seeing SCL
>     Scott> while executing i2c commands.  Port D settings are correct,
>     Scott> copper is good.
>     Scott> Has anyone seen a similar problem? Anyone successful?
>It used to work on MPC8260ADS and MPC8266ADS. On PQ2FADS, I2C is
>connected to nothing so it was not tested. It's expected to be the same
>as on older boards. I assume you use the expansion connector to add I2C
>hardware.  I'd check first of all that the configuration (S/W and H/W)
>is the same as on older boards. Specifically, your add-on H/W must take
>care of I2C bus requirements.
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