[U-Boot-Users] U-boot 1.1.2 on SMDK2410

Tehn-Yit Chin Tehn-Yit.Chin at greyinnovation.com
Wed Apr 27 00:43:13 CEST 2005

> Thisis only to  be  expected.  Please  install  U-Boot  in  
> flash  as required, and then simply reset the board to start it.

Actually, the other reason why I though that u-boot for the SMDK2410 may
execute out of RAM is that the resulting elf file is linked to reside at
address 0x33F80000. The SDRAM on the SMDK2410 lives at address
0x30000000, so I made the logical assumption that u-boot was to be
executed out of RAM. Below is an objdump of the elf file.

If u-boot is to be executed from FLASH, would it be fair to think that
<_start> should be at 0x0 (where boot FLASH is living).

[tehn-yit.chin at riesling u-boot-1.1.2]$ arm-linux-objdump -D u-boot |

u-boot:     file format elf32-littlearm

Disassembly of section .text:

33f80000 <_start>:
33f80000:       ea000012        b       33f80050 <reset>
33f80004:       e59ff014        ldr     pc, [pc, #20]   ; 33f80020
33f80008:       e59ff014        ldr     pc, [pc, #20]   ; 33f80024
33f8000c:       e59ff014        ldr     pc, [pc, #20]   ; 33f80028
33f80010:       e59ff014        ldr     pc, [pc, #20]   ; 33f8002c
33f80014:       e59ff014        ldr     pc, [pc, #20]   ; 33f80030
33f80018:       e59ff014        ldr     pc, [pc, #20]   ; 33f80034
33f8001c:       e59ff014        ldr     pc, [pc, #20]   ; 33f80038

33f80020 <_undefined_instruction>:
33f80020:       33f80140        mvnccs  r0, #16 ; 0x10

33f80024 <_software_interrupt>:
33f80024:       33f801a0        mvnccs  r0, #40 ; 0x28

33f80028 <_prefetch_abort>:
33f80028:       33f80200        mvnccs  r0, #0  ; 0x0

33f8002c <_data_abort>:
33f8002c:       33f80260        mvnccs  r0, #6  ; 0x6

33f80030 <_not_used>:
33f80030:       33f802c0        mvnccs  r0, #12 ; 0xc

33f80034 <_irq>:
33f80034:       33f80320        mvnccs  r0, #-2147483648        ;

33f80038 <_fiq>:
33f80038:       33f80380        mvnccs  r0, #2  ; 0x2
33f8003c:       deadbeef        cdple   14, 10, cr11, cr13, cr15, {7}

33f80040 <_TEXT_BASE>:
33f80040:       33f80000        mvnccs  r0, #0  ; 0x0

33f80044 <_armboot_start>:
33f80044:       33f80000        mvnccs  r0, #0  ; 0x0

33f80048 <_bss_start>:
33f80048:       33f965a4        mvnccs  r6, #687865856  ; 0x29000000

33f8004c <_bss_end>:

------------ cut ------------------------------------------------------

If u-boot is to be burned in FLASH, the first branch instruction will
cause it jump into uninitialise code in the SDRAM.

Should I change the linker configuration to link it to execute at 0x0?

Many thanks,

Tehn Yit Chin 
Software Engineer, Grey Innovation Pty. Ltd.

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