[U-Boot-Users] Help required to bring up kernel from U-Boot

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Fri Dec 16 05:49:53 CET 2005


I am using MPC8260ADS based customs board. I have configured the memory 
map in U-Boot as follows

SDRAM : 0x00000000  (size=128 MB)
FLASH   :  0x30000000 (size= 1MB)
SRAM : 0xFFF00000 (size 4MB)

There are also other components in the board, like  FRAMER , DSP, etc. I 
have not initialized the memory map of those components in U-Boot. 
I am able to get the U-Boot prompt when run by TRACE23.  I have build a 
default MPC8260ADS kernel, the only changes I have made is in the variable 
IMAP_ADDR , BCSR_ADDR in  arch/ppc/platforms/ads8260.h. I have put those 
values from the already running U-Boot code. 

Our TEXT_BASE=0xFFF00000
HRCW value= "0E A2 82 05" 

I copied uImage to location 0x04000000 and  the Load Address=0x00000000 
and Entry point=0x00000000.  The bootm 0x04000000 gives the o/p 
"Transferring Control to Linux" and then nothing comes. Where is the 

My question is
1. What are the minimum information Linux needs from U-Boot to come up 
properly?  In the Linux source tree we have put some printk statement and 
found that base address of SDRAM, size, etc are passed correctly to Linux 
by U-Boot. 
2. Is the info passed from U-Boot is sufficient enough to make the kernel 
3. If not, where should I concentrate in Linux tree?

Pls help.

Batsayan Das
Tata Consultancy Services Limited
Mailto: batsayan.das at tcs.com
Website: http://www.tcs.com

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