[U-Boot-Users] MPC5200 + multi serial chips (16554)

Andrea Sorio a.sorio at cocay.it
Tue Feb 1 13:47:40 CET 2005

Dear Wolfgang

Thank you for your replay.

>>I have to develop an embedded system with a MPC5200 and
>>eight 16554 (32 serial ports). I'll use a chip seletec to manage the 
>Do you need to support all these 8 UART ports in _U-Boot_ ???
No, I don't need them in U-Boot.

>>May I manage the serial ports with setserial linux program or I have to
>>develop a new device driver?
>seterial is an application program that requires an  OS  to  run.  It
>won't help you for U-Boot. [Yes, this is the U-Boot mailing list, and
>we're discussing U-Boot issues here.]
Yes, I know.
I would like to install u-boot and linux embedded in this board.
I hope that setserial could set up the linux serial device driver to 
manage the 32 serial
ports without any changes on serial driver. (I apologize for my english)

Thank you

Best regards

Andrea Sorio

Ing. Andrea Sorio
Hardware & Software Engineer
email: a.sorio at cocay.it
Phone: 348 8703449

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