[U-Boot-Users] Dropped Eth frames on Lite5200 evb

Grant Likely glikely at gmail.com
Tue Feb 8 23:28:37 CET 2005

Has anybody else had a problem with the FEC Ethernet driver droping
frames?  When I'm trying to tftp a kernel image from my host the eval
board sends an ARP to get the servers ETH address.  Most of the time
it seems that u-boot does not get an ARP response.

Sometimes an ARP reply is received and the tftp progresses of a short
time before frames get dropped again.

Using Ethereal I can confirm that my host is replying to the ARP correctly.

I'm working with u-boot 1.1.2 on a Lite5200 eval board.
dBUG is installed in FLASH
u-boot is compiled with TEXT_BASE=0x100000

I've loaded u-boot.srec via tftp from dBug.
Started u-boot with "go 0x100100" which gives me the u-boot console

In "cpu/mpc5xxx/fec.c" I set "#define DEBUG 0x28" to get some idea of
what is going on.  This just confirmed that the driver is not
detecting incoming frames.

I'm still digging in to it, but I'm wondering if anybody else has had
similar problems.


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