[U-Boot-Users] at45 dataflash

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Wed Feb 9 00:35:58 CET 2005

In message <1107905713.9293.9.camel at localhost> you wrote:
> As far as I've looked at the sources, there is a configuration option
> that I can store environment variables on the dataflash, however how can
> I load the kernel image & ramdisk image from dataflash into SDRAM? 
> (I've found no commands to do this, maybe I overlooked it somewhere..)

You use the same commands as for NOR  flash.  Dataflash  support  was
intergrated transparently.

> If there is no way to do this, what if I load the kernel image together
> with u-boot into sdram on startup, can u-boot start this "pre-loaded"
> kernel image?

In theory it can. [And actually it most probably will.]

However, you are aware that U-Boot expects to be started fresh out of
reset on a completely uninitialized system, and on such a system  you
cannot  have any SDRAM contents as the SDRAM has not been initialized
yet. I guess you may want to read the FAQ at

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