[U-Boot-Users] error while loading image with fatload.

Sharad P. Katti sharad.katti at gmail.com
Fri Feb 11 11:35:44 CET 2005


> Did you try a more recent version of U-Boot?
We have tried the source for the fat from recent version of U-Boot,
but then the same thing is happenning,

> Are you absolutely sure your  FAT  filesytem  does  not  contain  any
> inconsistencies? Can you read the file under an OS?

We are able to read & write to the FAT partition under linux and QNX,
as earlier, we are getting the same error message indicating for
an Invalid FAT entry, after executing the fatload command.

We first formatted the harddisk in windows, and tried to load, after failure,
then formatted the harddisk in linux (using mkdosfs, in the host machine)

Should we use the e2fsprogs utilities compiled for ARM, instead of
host machine's

Any hints so as to avoid this error..


Sharad P.Katti

"GOD is real, unless declared as an int"

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