[U-Boot-Users] MPC8272ADS PCI limitation in u-boot

Milligan, Keath kmilligan at austin.polycom.com
Mon Jan 10 20:19:13 CET 2005

This seems to be the case. Basically, the issue I am having is that when I
attempt to boot Linux, my PCI devices aren't getting mapped properly. Linux
attempts to map some, but gives up saying it can not allocate the regions.
This would seem to suggest that the firmware/boot-loader needs to deal with

The same hardware, when connected to a PC, gets mapped and works correctly
under x86 Linux.

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Actually the MPC8266ADS port (MPC8266ADS_config, separate from the rest
of the PQII boards) does do PCI initializatiopn (at least a very crude
one) It only allocates non-prefetchable memory (even for placess where
prefetchable should be used).

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> U-Boot port for MPC82xxADS family does not initialise PCI 
> bridge at all
> because it's not necessary for booting the board. Where did 
> you find PCI
> windows initialisations? Regarding the bridge limitations, 
> AFAIK you can
> do what you want but please consult MPC8272 user's guide.
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