[U-Boot-Users] (no subject)

Pankaj GOYAL pankaj.goyal at st.com
Fri Jan 28 11:33:03 CET 2005

   I m using the u-boot for am arm-926ejs based 
architechture.In my board I only have a nand flash of 32 MB 
and my system support the automatic reading the bootloader 
to RAM from NAND and jump to that location in memeory.But it 
support only 16KB of bootloader.So I want to minimize the 
size of my bootloader to around 16Kb.I want only the support 
of Nand flash and the jffs2 file system support.I do not 
even want the consol support.Can any one please tell me how 
to reduced the size of u-boot image.


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