[U-Boot-Users] Problem starting u-boot on Xilinx V2P

Thorsten Lueck T.Lueck at IfEN.com
Wed Jul 6 08:46:13 CEST 2005

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Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> You cannot just use a configuration for one board and  expect  it  to
> work on a different board.

My board is not as different to ml300 as one may think - indeed, it uses
the same Virtex2Pro FPGA with nearly the same configuration (wrt. UART,
I2C, EMAC). Therefore using ml300 as a starting point for my design
really makes sense. Of course I used the BSP compiled for my board using
Xilinx EDK 7.1

> You missed to port U-Boot to your hardware. Go back to square 0. Read
> the README (porting guide section) and do what needs to be done.
Well - I _did_ port it (in the sense of using the appropriate BSP) -
however, I modified ML300 source instead of creating a new
board-directory ...

>>in the ./lib_i386/board.c, however, there is no appropriate warning in
> What has the x86 code to do with that? [Nothing!]
Well - nothing - your are right - instead of the comment, that the
PowerPC code may hang immediatley _after_ "DRAM:" printout. This led me
to the assumption, that my problem may be well known ...

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