[U-Boot-Users] Error while booting Linux image

Jerry Van Baren gerald.vanbaren at smiths-aerospace.com
Mon Mar 21 14:50:54 CET 2005

Vikrant_Basotra wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am using U-Boot with a Linux kernel version 2.4.27-1.3.3-432 on mpc8248
> based board, but the last message I see is "Uncompressing Kernel Image ...
> OK" and Then the system hangs. I traced the code and realised that it stops
> when it makes a call to "(*kernel) (kbd, initrd_start, initrd_end,
> cmd_start, cmd_end);" (in file u-boot/common/cmd_bootm.c)
> As i searched through the archive i found a similar problem and had comments
> asking to verify the following:
> 1. bd_info 
> 2. IMAP_ADDR and CFG_IMMR should have the same value
> 3. clock speed saved in env


> which i believe is correct. The value of IMAP_ADDR in
> linux/arch/ppc/platforms/boardname.h and u-boot/include/configs/boardname.h
> is 0x0f000000 and i dont have the clock setting saved in my env. 
> I could not figure out any more cracks because of which Linux would not
> boot. Looking for your help on this.
> Regards, 
> Vikrant

You need to move your IMMR into kernel address space which starts at 
0xC0000000 (IMMR = 0xF0000000 is a good candidate).  I would further 
recommend that you set the IMMR to be initialized to this value using 
the HRCW rather than changing it via u-boot initialization -- one less 
thing to go wrong.


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