[U-Boot-Users] Strange memory allocation problem in linux

Ara Avanesyan araav at hylink.am
Wed Mar 23 12:25:48 CET 2005

> >
> > I have a loadable module (linux.2.4.20) which contains a 2 mb static
> > array.
> > When I load it from linux booted via U-Boot system crashes.
> > Everything works ok if I do the same thing with the same linux booted
> > RedBoot.
> You cannot boot he same kernel image  from  Redboot  and  U-Boot,  so
> there is most probably a difference betwween your two kernel images.
But I did, for redboot I do: make zImage and for u-boot I do: make uImage.
and the only difference between my binaries is the u-boot's 64 byte info

> Did you record the kernel boot messages  in  both  cases  and  run  a
> "diff" over them? What did you see?

Yes, I get exactly(!) the same text:(
I tried /proc/sys entries, all of them are the same for both cases.


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