[U-Boot-Users] u-boot on MPC8541CDS

Demke Torsten-atd012 torsten.demke at motorola.com
Tue Mar 29 19:08:01 CEST 2005

Hi Jon,

> > > 
> > > I recently got a CDS development kit with a MPC8541E from 
> Freescale.
> > > There is a u-boot version labeled 1.1.2(pq3-20040810) 
> installed, which works fine.
> Ah, so you can see the bloodstains then? :-)
> Er, I mean, uh, thank you!
> > > What is difference between the installed u-boot version 
> and the CVS?
> > 
> > I recommend to ask this the Freescale folks. You've been  
> working  in
> > the same company not so long ago...
> That would be me.
> > I have no idea what they might  include  in  their  
> software  distri-
> > bution, or how it relates to whatever feedback we receive 
> for the CVS
> > tree.
> There is a slight variation between the published CVS version of
> the MPC8555CDS U-Boot code and the variants that appear directly
> on the board as supplied by Freescale.  Specifically, there is
> code to support some BDI-level debugging in the supplied version
> that is not yet in the Open Source CVS tree.  (We're working on
> fixing that.)  Other than that, the Freescale variant and the
> CVS are very similar.
> Between 2004810 and now, there have been several fixes to
> the Flash support.  Some of those have been committed to the
> public CVS, and some have not; all have been pushed to the
> list.  (If you patch up the published set, let me know and
> I'll send you the one-liner fix that is pending here too.)
> Can you be more specific than "Doesn't come up?"
I don't get any output. If I use the BDI, it stops at line 569 
in start.S:   STD_EXCEPTION( 0x1400, DataTLBError, UnknownException)
I guess this is even before relocation to RAM.
Does that make sense? 
Im also not sure with the BDI output - my config-file is a 
result of trial&error. Maybe you could
send my a valid BDI config file for debugging?


> HTH,
> jdl

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