[U-Boot-Users] U-boot reset problem

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Fri Jan 6 06:34:48 CET 2006


We are able to build ROM u-boot for MPC8260 based customs board.  We have 
observed a strange behavior of the board. When we power it up at the 
beginning of the day; it resets and resets. After a couple of power on/off 
we get the boot prompt.  I am giving the log what we get after we power it 
up for the first time.  Any help will be appreciated.


U-Boot 1.1.2 (Jan  5 2006 - 15:01:10)

MPC8260 Reset Status: External Soft, External Hard

MPC8260 Clock Configuration
 - Bus-to-Core Mult 3x, VCO Div 2, 60x Bus Freq  33-100, Core Freq 100-300
 - dfbrg 1, corecnf 0x08, busdf 3, cpmdf 1, plldf 0, pllmf 1
 - vco_out  248000000, scc_clk   62000000, brg_clk   15500000
 - cpu_clk  186000000, cpm_clk  124000000, bus_clk   62000000

CPU:   MPC8260 (HiP4 Rev 14, Mask B.1 4K25A) at 186 MHz
Board: Motorola MPC8260ADS
DRAM:  256 MB
Top of RAM usable for U-Boot at: 10000000
Reserving 221k for U-Boot at: 0ffc8000
Reserving 4352k for malloc() at: 0fb88000
Reserving 76 Bytes for Board Info at: 0fb87fb4
Reserving 72 Bytes for Global Data at: 0fb87f6c
Stack Pointer at: 0fb87f48
New Stack Pointer is: 0fb87f48
Now running in RAM - U-Boot at: 0ffc8000
FLASH:  Address at 0th 8 and 1st 8 b4 
 Address at 0th 8 and 1st 8 a4 
 Address at 0th 8 and 1st 8 a4 vals 
### Unknown flash ID 00000008 00000008 at address FE000000 ###
0 th flash size = 524288 bytes1 th flash size = 524288 bytesflash_protect 
ON: from 0xFE000000 to 0xFE031FFF
flash_protect ON: from 0xFE040000 to 0xFE07FFFF
 1 MBTesting Flash Size
Flash Start fe000000
Flash Size 100000
Flash Offset 2 32000

U-Boot 1.1.2 (Jan  5 2006 - 15:01:10)


Batsayan Das

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