[U-Boot-Users] board porting question

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Fri Jan 13 11:13:30 CET 2006

In message <OFA0D7ECCC.B380151D-ON652570F5.00186CEA-652570F5.0019151C at tcs.com> you wrote:
> Pls do not do it, as it will be difficult for the people like me to post 
> message in the list. The reason is some content is automatically added 

Your continueous ignorance of the  required  netiquette  and  posting
rules is a major factor driving me in this direction.

> with the outgoing mail, in which I do not have any control, besides public 
> mail like yahoo,gmail etc are also not accessible form the office 
> facility. 

You claim that you cannot turn off HTML in you mailer? Bah!

> Possible solution: Discard the message like HTML etc automatically, but 
> not the content of the mail. 

No. You will not dictate this.

We're one message closer to HTML blocking now. Shall I start a count down?

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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