[U-Boot-Users] Re: Problem with the cfi flash driver with ax8/x16 flash configuredinx8 mode.

Alex BASTOS alebas at televes.com
Fri Jan 13 13:29:17 CET 2006

> What "shifting the commands" means ? I though the problem was with the
> addresses.

Sorry, mis-speaking. Shifting the addresses, I mean. ;)

> #define AMD_ADDR_ERASE_START   ((info->portwidth == FLASH_CFI_8BIT) ?
> 0xAAA : 0x555)
> #define AMD_ADDR_START                ((info->portwidth ==
> FLASH_CFI_8BIT) ? 0xAAA : 0x555)
> #define AMD_ADDR_ACK                    ((info->portwidth ==
> FLASH_CFI_8BIT) ? 0x555 : 0x2AA)
> I think is cleaner to change one define than the code. What do you think?

For me it's OK. I have no preference about how to do it.
I think, at the end, it will be Wolfgang or Tolunay Orkun
who will choose.

Best regards,


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