[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot on ARMEB

Brian White bcwhite at precidia.com
Wed Jan 18 22:04:37 CET 2006

>> I'm looking at using Das U-Boot on a big-endian IXP based system. 
>> However, v1.1.4 seems to only come with configuration for the "arm" 
>> arch (not the "armeb" arch).  Does anybody know what is involved in 
>> getting u-boot to work with "armeb"?
> It's just a matter of selecting the proper cross tool.  The ixdp425 is big
> endian, so just use that as an example.  I recently did a port for an 
> ixp425
> big endian wireless router.  When we are sure the code actually passes
> the testing, I'll create a patch, but there is nothing specific to big 
> endian
> in any of the update.

That's what I'm figuring out, but it tried to create a link from 
"asm-arm" and I wasn't sure if there were endian dependencies there. 
Can I just link it to "asm-armeb" and have it work?

I think I'm just going to link all my tools so they're available as both 
"armeb-linux" and "arm-linux".  My worry is that something will be 
specifically little-endian somewhere and will be quietly compiled 

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