[U-Boot-Users] Recommended flash

Seingier Francois-Xavier Francois-Xavier.Seingier at thomson.net
Tue Mar 14 11:14:48 CET 2006


I ran into some problems with a M58LT128 16MB flash from ST. In fact, this flash is of multi-bank type and although it is said to be CFI compliant, commands such as erase/read mode/... need to be issued in the right bank. I had to write a specific flash driver in the u-boot board directory to meet these requirements.
However I am running into the exact same problems with Linux and it seems slightly more difficult to take into account this particularity in the Linux cfi flash driver.

1) Has anyone already faced this issue ?
2) Do you have any recommendation for a 256Mbit flash (I'd like to extend the flash size from 16MB to 32MB and we have only one print on our board so I need a 256Mbit chip) that is fully supported under u-boot AND Linux ? 


François-Xavier Seingier

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