[U-Boot-Users] Problem with the u-boot1.1.3 booting the uclinux from the jffs2 partition

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Mar 16 10:19:24 CET 2006

In message <3351bfbe0603151750y50a89f23i6ea2a08984cdd4b6 at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> I am presently using microblaze target and boot the uClinux using
> u-boot (version 1.1.3) from the read-only root file system (mounted

I understand that this is a JFFS@ partition.

> read-only by the kernel command line parameter) from the directory
> /boot. Everything works fine.
> Just for debugging and testing few application, i mount the root as
> read-write and after the uclinux kernel is up, i FTP'ed a big file
> like the kernel or any utilities. I can run the ftp'ed application
> properly and i can do a ftp get from the target and the image matches.
> Everything seems fine until i reboot.
> When the system is rebooted, the u-boot when it starts, cannot find
> the new kernel and fails after getting the following error.

Make sure thatt he JFFS2 code in U-Boot and Linux are compatible. One
way to do this is to update to a current version  of  U-Boot.  Please
try the top of tree in the GIT repository.

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