[U-Boot-Users] About Network Console Protocol and nc/ncb

Frederic Kwiatkowski stagedrt at gmail.com
Thu Mar 16 10:42:34 CET 2006

Thanks for your response

> > I'm wondering how to use te Network Console Protocol. I've read the
> > README.NetConsole file and discoverd it, but does this feature is
> > available on every boards-configs, such as the at91 one?
> If you enable it, it should work. But only few  boards  actually  use
> this feature in their default configuration.

Is there any #define to enable it or must I modify some sources file to do this?

> > but when i try to use ./ncip.sh, nothings happen
> > So i thoutgh the ncip have to be the one of my desktop computer, but
> > nothing better
> Run a sniffer (ethereal) on your network and check  if  you  see  any
> packets  at  all.  You  *did*  switch  the stdin / stdout channels in
> U-Boot, didn't you?

if setenv nc 'setenv stdout nc;setenv stdin nc have succed, with run
nc, it is switched
But, i've seen with ethereal that no packets where transmited through
my eth interface
It might be the first step to solve this problem

> > Does anyone have already use this feature?
> Yes, it is being used actively on a couple of boards, some of them in
> production with high volumes.
> Best regards,
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