[U-Boot-Users] Cannot compile fw_env tools in u-boot-1.1.4

antonio.dibacco antonio.dibacco at aruba.it
Wed Mar 22 12:09:08 CET 2006

I go under u-boot-1.1.4/tools/env/ and try to do make but I receive the 
following error
 -> make
ppc_8xx-gcc -Wall -DUSE_HOSTCC crc32.c  fw_env.c  fw_env_main.c -o 
In file included from fw_env.c:34:
/opt/eldk_3.1.1/ppc_8xx/usr/include/linux/mtd/mtd.h:13:2: #error This is a 
kernel header. Perhaps include mtd-user.h instead? 

I tried to include mtd-user.h but there still a lot of errors!! 


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