[U-Boot-Users] MPC8260 Data Chache enabling, (performance improvement) Despite indication in documentation

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Tue May 2 16:45:08 CEST 2006

Processor: MPC8260
Purpose: SDH unit
OS: Monta Vista Linux Ver 3.0
Bootloader: U-boot

I know that the documentation indicates: "Data cache cannot be enabled on systems like 8xx or 8260(where access to IMMR region must be uncached). D cache cannot be diabled on other systems where we (mis-)use d-cache to hold an initial stach & some data..."

I got to know that the data cache can be flused, can be locked (1.2.3 AN2129.pdf) and if we turn off the interrupts (1.2.4 AN2129.pdf) we can avoid the "machine check" core's exception which occurs when we enable the d-cache by setting the HID0 reg DCE bit (17) to 1..

However I want to confirm if this is possible before I try it out on the system. I also welcome any other solutions to improve performance of the MPC8260. Presently I only have the I-cache working but need the d-cache to be enabled wihout the exception interrupt routine 200.


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