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Date:2007-04-29 13:07:04
Subject:[U-Boot-Users] A starter of por ting u-bo ot to a new boar d
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Dear Eric:
  First, Thank you very much for your advice,and it is very important for me - A newer to u-boot. I have check my config.mk file , and I set TEXT_BASE = 0x30800000 there, It doesn't seem to be wrong, But I am not sure. So I will explan the situation of my board below , Please help me to find the reason , any suggestions are welcome:)
   The situations of my board:
0x20000000---->2 chip norFlash(Intel TE28F160)--->2x2MB
0x30000000---->2 chip SDRAM(SAMSUNG K4S641632K-UC75)--->2x8MB
When powered on, the board remap 0x20000000(flash) to 0x00000000,so it can boot from flash, and In the procedure of cpu_init_crit which is in start.S,After initialize the EMI(external memory interface) and PMU(power management unit),I remap 0x30000000 to 0x00000000, then it relocate itself if needed.
In the config file , I defined:
#define CONFIG_NR_DRAM_BANKS 1    
#define PHYS_SDRAM_1  0x30000000
#define PHYS_SDRAM_1_SIZE 0x01000000 /* 16 MB */
#define PHYS_FLASH_1  0x20000000 /* Flash Bank #1 */
#define PHYS_FLASH_SIZE 0x00400000 /* 2 MB */
 * FLASH organization
#define CFG_MAX_FLASH_BANKS 1 /* max num of memory banks      */
#define CFG_MAX_FLASH_SECT 39 /* max num of sects on one chip */
#define CFG_FLASH_ERASE_TOUT 240000 /* Flash Erase Timeout (in ms)  */
#define CFG_FLASH_WRITE_TOUT 500  /* Flash Write Timeout (in ms)  */
And I still can not know what the 'bank' here mean. The above just modified from other code.
And I also definee CFG_LOAD_ADDR=0x30800000 /* default load address */ here.
But I don't distinguish TEXT_BASE from CFG_LOAD_ADDR.
Looking forward for your replay:)
Best Wishes.

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