[U-Boot-Users] [patch] drop special case for ppc hosts

Mike Frysinger vapier at gentoo.org
Mon Jan 8 14:25:56 CET 2007

On Monday 08 January 2007 05:56, Wolfgang Denk wrote:
> in message <200701080332.57705.vapier at gentoo.org> you wrote:
> > for some reason there's a special case for ppc HOSTARCH's when setting up
> > the default CROSS_COMPILE value ... this messes up my default env builds
> > when going between my x86/amd64/ppc dev hosts ;)
> What exactly happens?

on my ppc host, CROSS_COMPILE is set to "" by default

on my x86/amd64 host, CROSS_COMPILE is set to my target by default 
(bfin-uclinux- in my case)

> ... then define CROSS_COMPILE as empty string,
> i. e. use the native PPC compiler.

how does that make sense ?  the logic is "if you are on a ppc host, then 
regardless of your target, use the native ppc compiler"

the logic on x86/amd64 is "if you are on a x86 host, then set the default 
CROSS_COMPILE based upon your target"

why should these two be different ?
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