[U-Boot-Users] Changes to U-Boot Development Process

Wolfgang Denk wd at denx.de
Thu Jan 18 22:10:45 CET 2007

Dear Kim,

in message <20070118114051.5c1c64a5.kim.phillips at freescale.com> you wrote:
> 1. what can we do about the 40KB limit on u-boot-users? A patch for
> new board support usually requires more than that, and even when
> given a URL, it's not as easy for people to review the patches
> properly.

We may see changes to the mailing list soon. The whole way how SF is
running there "services" and how they (not) respond to support
requests is more and more annoying to me.

Nevertheless, I see actually no reason to change the  size  limit.  I
haven't  seen  any  many  board/ directories that exceed 40..50 kB in
size, and if you compress the patch than the size  limit  should  not
affect you.

It *does* bite you if you ignore the patch submission rules, though,
i. e. the requirement to break patches up into independent, orthogonal
pieces, etc. But that's actually a good thing.

So if you should hit the size limit, the first thing you should do is
asking yourself what you did wrong ;-)

> 2. what is the utility of the "U-Boot spam^H^H^H^Hpatch tracking
> system"? and the "DENX Support System" for that matter? Is it me or
> are they just cluttering people's inboxes?

We (DENX) use OTRS (see http://otrs.org/) for ticket tracking (i.  e.
to handle support calls), and we are also experimenting with using it
as  a  patch  database system. I have to admit that we have not found
yet a configuration that looks satisfying to us, and thus  I  refrain
from making the current state available to others.

I apologize if you feel annoyed by the mails sent by our system,  but
we  need  some tests with the real "public" setup, too. Maybe you can
setup a filter to automatically drop all messages containing  "[DNX#'
in the subject line?

> 3. does a subsystem maintainer get leverage into changes made in the
> higher level components of Das U-Boot? E.g., I'm still a firm
> believer that the device tree source should live in the bootloader ;)

Of course the custodians will play a special role when  it  comes  to
moving  code  upstream. But that does NOT mean that we intend to stop
listening to "normal" users, too. And even as a  custodian  you  will
run into situations where several people will have different point of
views.  Actually  I  expect  that  you would see such situations more
frequently, as then you have to negotiate both up- and downstream.

Best regards,

Wolfgang Denk

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