[U-Boot-Users] RFC: Common bitshifts

Peter Pearse peter.pearse at arm.com
Mon Mar 12 12:33:29 CET 2007

Dear All 
I'd like some guidance here:-
An arm patch for a new board has been submitted. Part of the patch is to add
the new file:-

defining standard bit shifts e.g
#define BIT0  (1<<0)
#define BIT1  (1<<1)
#define BIT2  (1<<2)
#define BIT3  (1<<3)
#define BIT4  (1<<4)
#define BIT5  (1<<5)

I notice there is already a file:-
with identical contents.
a) Is it acceptable to replace these two (and references thereto) with 
The shifts are not arm specific, and could be useful to others.
b) If so, should I submit a seperate patch to the main tree, or is it
acceptable to make this part of the
patch for the new board?

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