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Greg Lindberg gl4jalopi at verizon.net
Fri Mar 16 16:02:05 CET 2007

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> > > On my new board which doesnt have any boot loader, can I use kermit to
> > > download u-boot.bin to RAM and check whether is working from there?
> >
> No, you cannot. See the FAQ:

I'm personally getting a little tired of seeing all of the responses saying
that it isn't possible to bring u-boot up in RAM.  I brought up to new
PXA255 boards that had dead flash on the first rev board.  It is necessary
to set up the init so that it doesn't run the ram initialization when
running from ram, but it is possible.  Granted, you do have to know what you
are doing, but if you have brand new hardware you had better or you'll never
get it running.


Greg Lindberg
(mostly lurking, but using u-boot for the last 3 years)

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