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Tue Mar 27 19:47:10 CEST 2007

In message <200703271327.00147.rgetz at blackfin.uclinux.org> you wrote:
> In [u-boot.git] / common / env_flash.c around line 171 there is a 
> to be able to mix other data, and the environment info. (Where 'other data' 
> could be U-Boot code).

No, this is NOT the intention.

The intention is to allow for having  a  resonable  envrionment  size
(say  8...16kB)  even  if  you  have big flash sectors (like 256kB or
more). This is needed to avoid slow bot times because  otherwise  you
would  laways  have  to compute the CRC checksums for one or two such
big sectors when all you want to protect are a few kB of data.

> If that is the recommendation (which is fine), why have this code snippet in 
> there, and not add something like:
> #error Do not do this. Do NOT do this. DO NOT DO THIS.

Because it is a very useful thing to  have,  just  for  a  completely
different  purpose  (i.  e.  leave  the  rest of the sector empty and

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