[U-Boot-Users] PXA27x USB device

Stefan Roese sr at denx.de
Mon May 7 14:22:38 CEST 2007

Hi Markus,

On Monday 07 May 2007, Markus Klotzbücher wrote:
> > But I see your point. By moving those cpu-specific files into the drivers
> > directory, the architecture custodians need to maintain files distributed
> > all over the drivers directory and not specifically in the cpu/xxx
> > directory. I never thought of this before.
> This is why I favor the old way of storing cpu dependant drivers in the
> appropriate cpu directory. This makes the responsibility clear and
> allows to cleanly seperate arch and generic code. Isn't this similar to
> linux where cpu dependant drivers are found in "arch/cpu/"?

No, quite the contrary. In Linux you will find even the cpu-specific drivers 
(like ethernet, uart, i2c driver etc) in the "drivers" directory. Only the 
board- and cpu-specific setup code and some additional code like interrupt 
controller implementation etc is normally found in the Linux "arch" 

This is one of the reason for me to suggest this.

> Also, this is doesn't prohibit the cleaning up of "drivers" by adding
> subsystem subdirectories for net, usb etc.

No it doesn't.

> What do you think?

I still think we should move to implementing drivers in the drivers directory, 
even if the responsibility for the files is not so easily visible anymore.

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