[U-Boot-Users] error with patches and u-boot build

Magda Abdelbasit magdaabdelbasit_55 at hotmail.com
Mon May 7 23:12:07 CEST 2007

Hello everyone,
I am building u-boot for the KB9202B board. I got the patches available 


and applied them to u-boot. The kb9202_patch was fine, but the nand patch 
gave the following message:

patching file board/kb9202/Makefile
Hunk #1 FAILED at 28.
1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file board/kb9202/Makefile.rej
patching file board/kb9202/nand.c
patching file include/configs/kb9202.h

The makefile.rej file contains:

*** 28,34 ****

  LIB	= lib$(BOARD).a

- OBJS	:= kb9202.o

  $(LIB):	$(OBJS) $(SOBJS)
  	$(AR) crv $@ $(OBJS) $(SOBJS)
--- 28,34 ----

  LIB	= lib$(BOARD).a

+ OBJS	:= kb9202.o nand.o

  $(LIB):	$(OBJS) $(SOBJS)
  	$(AR) crv $@ $(OBJS) $(SOBJS)

If I continue and build the u-boot I get the following error :

drivers/nand/libnand.a(nand.o): In function `nand_init_chip':
/home/magda/u-boot-1.1.6/drivers/nand/nand.c:50: undefined reference to 
make: *** [u-boot] Error 1

I am new to Linux and I cannot figure out the meaning of the errors.
I would greatly appreciate your help.
Thanks in anticipation,

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