[U-Boot-Users] He said Artie looked like a bum when he saw him over the weekend though.

Singleton Samson jysq at csappalaches.qc.ca
Tue May 8 02:11:12 CEST 2007

Everything you're looking at right now and put your focus here. Major
News will be Released.

Digital Color Imaging
Symbol: DSDI.PK
Price: $0.055
Risk Factor: Low

Press Release:
DSI Direct Sales, Inc. (DSDI.PK) Announces Wholly Owned Subsidiary,
Digital Color Imaging, Inc. Invests to Build Cutting Edge 1:1 Marketing
Communication Campaign Capability

Get on DSDI First Thing on Tuesday, it's going to expload!

Sal said he was trying to get to her but they kept heckling him. 7:05am
Howard asked if anyone had seen 60 Minutes last night.
10:25am Howard Finally Done With American Idol! Scott just wouldn't say
that it was reduced.
Howard gave that a ''wow! 8:40am Robin's News And More.
He told Scott he could have come to the dinner and gone to dinner with
his son at some other time.
6:15am Howard read an article about the Howard TV van that's going to be
parked in Times Square this week. Gary asked Sal to say something about
Beth without mentioning Howard.
X came about and how they didn't break it all off immediately. Howard
had a clip from yesterday's Wrap Up Show where Sal talked about
something that went on at the engagement party last week.
Fred found the song and started to play it while Howard was goofing on
Sal. 6:20am Howard wasn't sure if he should play more of Artie's clips
or not. He told Scott he could have come to the dinner and gone to
dinner with his son at some other time. Howard told Sal he really needs
to see someone because he's really ''off'' and he really needs help.
9:25am Howard 100 News And Wrap Up Show Previews.
7:00am Howard Talks To His Parents About Masturbation. They did a report
about that on 60 Minutes last night so they went over that.
He also said that she was very into meeting the guys from the show and
she was genuinely happy to be there with him.
Robin said that's like her with that movie ''Blood Diamond.
Howard said he got off the line when she called in and then she stayed
on the line for a long time herself.
They go to Philly on Thursday and Boston on Friday and possibly Albany
on Sunday.
Howard told the two of them to go back to their office and do some work.
He played a clip from the movie where Luca is reading his speech from a
piece of paper and stumbling his way through the speech.
Howard had to cut it off and talk about what the speech was about since
the audio quality was so bad.

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