David Hawkins dwh at ovro.caltech.edu
Thu May 17 01:34:54 CEST 2007

> Yes, I have read it, but it doesn't really answer my question.  I'm not asking if I can 
> boot from RAM, I'm asking why would someone think it could be done?  If anything, 14.2.1 
> re-inforces my point: if booting from RAM doesn't make sense, why are so many board header 
> files configured to enable it?

Ok, I don't want to be flamed here ... but I can think of
a potential method of booting to RAM ... but whether or
not it is considered useful in the context of U-Boot is

The MPC8349E can be booted such that the core is held in
reset, and the processor registers can be configured over
PCI by another host computer. Therefore it is conceivable
that the host can program the SDRAM controller on the
MPC8349E and take the core out of reset. If the core
is configured to boot from an address mapped to SDRAM,
then U-Boot could have been copied to SDRAM by the
host. Once U-Boot boots, it could then use FTP etc
to boot the kernel blah blah ...

Yeah yeah, its contrived ...

Of course if the host is configuring all the registers,
then there is probably no reason for the bootloader ...
just boot to Linux directly from SDRAM.


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