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> Well, I cannot answer for all possible boards, but on 3 boards I have
> here (Spartan FPGA Microblaze core, Virtex FPGA PPC405 core,
> at91rm9200-ek ATMEL board) u-boot is configured to be compiled to run
> from RAM, gets loaded to RAM by another bootloader and runs there, yet
> u-boot looks for environment on the flash and "saveenv" saves
> environment onto flash. May be it's not a "canonical" way of running
> from RAM, but it's convenient for me. 

The environment gets loaded into RAM  from  some  persistent  storage
(often  flash)  into  RAM when U-Boot initializes; then alloperations
(setenv, references) are running on the  in-RAM  copy,  and  you  can
explicitely save the current settings to persistent storage using the
"saveenv" command.

Is this difficult to understand?

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