[U-Boot-Users] U-Boot-1.3.0-rc1 released

Michal Simek Monstr at seznam.cz
Tue Sep 11 16:35:01 CEST 2007


>Actually, I promised to review them, but they need to be posted to the
>list first in proper patch format (which is the process.  Patches need
>to be readable 'inline' so that reviewers can hit 'reply' and start
>commenting on the changes.  It is not fair to ask reviews to download
>a tarball and cut/paste the pieces to review into an email.

Yes you are right in first set of patches I compressed patches and sent them in attachement. 
I was sorry for that.

August 30. I sent patches in proper form. Can you review these?
If the patches are demaged I will send you patches again.


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