[U-Boot] Relocating to my code.

prathika prathika at deeopl.com
Mon Jun 22 10:42:24 CEST 2009

hi everyone,
I am working on a card based on PPC440EP, I am porting u-boot on this card.
As I understand, the PPC initially boots from the flash and then 
relocates itself to RAM address where there is board_init_r() and 
main_loop() is called.

I have an application code that simply does a loop back on UART 
channel2. After all the initialization,
I want to knock off the relocation code, board_init_r() and main_loop() 
execution in u-boot and relocate it to my application
The application code will residing in flash. How can I do this.... 
anyone kindly help me in this regard...........

Prathika R

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