[U-Boot] How !, Adding a New Device to U-Boot.

renjith kumar renjithkumar at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 03:21:47 CET 2009

hi ,

I was wondering , is there any Discussion or document that describe the way
how I can Add a  new device to u-Boot.

For example , I have two sequoa based, Custom design.

1) . I have an FPGA Device at the EBC port of EPx in the second design.

2) . In a second case, I have an FPGA Device as the PCI card for ppc440EPx.
(May be ok with Normal PCI Detection, but How to drive it  ? Any standard

As I wanted to detect the both the devices (both the cases) , where should I
start with Or Whats the Standard procedure I need to follow.

I know that adding a Device to U-Boot is Simple (if you know how to do it :(
In another thread,  I found somebody adding memory Base to tlbentry() and
all .. Is it the sufficient thing ?
I have worked with U-Boot , but it was all small changes , wrt freq/ GPIO
Any Advice would be appreciated, and looking forward...

Thanks'n Regards,

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